VCA, RBV, and SWOT Analyses.

DUE: 01.23.15 @ 11:59PMDiscuss how you can use VCA, RBV, and SWOT analyses to gain a stronger sense of what might be a firm’s key building blocks are for a successful strategy.Choose a Fortune 1000 company to demonstrate these aforementioned analyses.Please remember to use APA citation (text and list references) to further validate your response.Document Requirements:Use standard 12-point font sizeMS Word Document3/4-1 page paper(Nothing less then 3/4 of a page and nothing more then 1-page necessary)1-2 sources in APA citation(I willn’t need anymore then 3 sources for sure)Thorough Response is a must!!And NO plagiarism!!*Homework Field of Study: Management Policy and StrategyIf you don’t have expertise in this area of study please don’t waste my time sending a handshake.

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