Unit 1 Safety Management assessment

QUESTION 1Communications can be classified via four methods. Which of the following is NOT one of these methods?ListeningVerbalNonverbalWrittenQUESTION 2Continuous Improvement is a process of the safety management system that emphasizes the contributions people make to __________ and permanent solutions to problems.short-rangemedium-rangelong-rangeExternalQUESTION 3__________ is any condition in the workplace that, by itself or by interacting with other variables, could cause death, injuries, property damage, or other losses.A   hazardAn   accidentAn   oversightA   miscalculationQUESTION 4What form of communication is best to use in the majority of situations that will arise on the job?Filter   free interactionOne-on-one,   positive reinforcementOral,   then written, followed by feedbackOne-on-one   and face-to-faceQUESTION 5In the discussion on “Communication Filters,” the author of your textbook lists three of the most common filters. Which of the following is NOT one of these filters?KnowledgeBiasMoodFeedbackQUESTION 6A __________ environment does not exist.healthycleanzero-risknoisyQUESTION 7Which of the following are NOT included in the hidden costs of accidents?Lost   time by supervisionMedical   and compensation insurance costsCosts   of breaking in a new workerDamages   to tools and equipmentQUESTION 8Safety and health efforts should be __________, budgeted, measured, and evaluated.fixedcomplexplannedmotivationQUESTION 9Which of the following is NOT one of the nine elements of a safety management system?Management   leadership and commitmentAnalyzing   the work and the workplace periodicallyHazard   recognition, evaluation, and controlTraining   and orientationQUESTION 10Most safety experts agree that most mishaps in the workplace involve human errors of __________ or commission.planningomissioninvolvementAttitudeQUESTION 11Safety costs money, and many managers refuse to invest their money on something that produces no profits. How would you go about convincing your manager he or she is wrong? Give an example of your proof. (Minimum of 200 words)

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