timed essay questions due in 3 hours.

1 .Explain the employment-at-will doctrine. How does this doctrine conflict with the belief that workers are more than just a commodity that can be bought and sold in a labor market?2. (TCO 2) How has intense global competition affected the American labor movement?3. (TCO 3) What are some of the ways in which public sector unionization differs from private sector unionization?4. (TCO 4) Explain how each of the four schools of thought would respond to the following question: Are employer and employees equals in the labor market and legal arena?5. (TCO 5) Compare and contrast democracy in unions with democracy in corporations.6. (TCO 6) Describe the arguments for and against the use of permanent strike replacements in economic strikes.7. (TCO 7) What are the union’s obligations under a typical union contract?8. (TCO 8) Evaluate the following statement: Due to changes in the environment of business and labor relations since the early 1970s, U.S. businesses can no longer afford to rely on traditional mass manufacturing methods of management. How has the environment changed, and what challenges do these changes pose for the future?

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