mgt, 661

As you read and study the Nokia case, consider the following questions:1. Why did company management choose values as a foundation for taking the culture to the next level?2. What is your view about the four values the café approach produced?3. How do Nokia’s values compare with those of your company? (or compare with Google’s “Ten things we know to be true”)4. How will Nokia’s values help execute the change in business strategy?5. Concisely define the behaviors that were stimulated through the café approach at Nokia. What information channels got opened?6. What’s your evaluation of the social process for engaging thousands of employees across the globe in defining the values?7. What does Nokia’s café process say about its senior leaders?8. If Nokia were to use the café process again this year, what change in values would you anticipate?Module 7 ReflectionModule 7 ReflectionDrawing upon the Nokia case and the material we have covered so far in this course, in AT LEAST 500 words describe:How can HR influence strategy execution through culture? Be sure to use examples from the Nokia case as well as what we have discussed already in this course including strategy, evidence-based management, and HR transformation as appropriate.

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