HUM 5100 *6*

Building off the research problem identified in Week 1, you will design a hypothetical  proposal. The research proposal will be based on the problem identified at a human/social service organization. The organization selected can be one in which you are currently employed, an agency that you have an interest in, or where you intend to someday seek employment. The Research Proposal reflects the measures required in submitting proposals “in house” within an organization where the evaluation of programs, modification of programs, and/or development of programs is part of your job description or to a grant-awarding agency. Examples of grant-awarding agencies include: Corporation for National and Community Service, Department of Health and Human Services, National Institute of Health, Housing and Community Facilities Programs, Homeland Security, Special Delinquency Prevention Program, and Centers for Disease Control Prevention.Your Research Proposal should be broken down into the following sections and sub-sections:Introduction and BackgroundStatement of the problemSignificance of the problemPopulations servedProposed solutionResearch questionsMethodologyConceptual frameworkMethodDesignRationalePlanning strategyEthical Considerations and ConcernsManagement PlanProposed timelineFeasibilityAnticipated challengesReferencesSelect an existing or hypothetical Human Services organization/agency program.Compile a proposal that develops, evaluates or modifies the hypothetical implementation of this change in a real-world setting.Describe in detail the process for determining the need for the new program, the evaluation, or the modification of this program.Explain the proposed solution to the problem, gap, or need for this hypothetical proposal.Select a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods design for the proposal.Explain in detail as to why this methodology and design is most appropriate for the proposed change (i.e., develop, evaluate, or modify a program).Create a hypothetical research proposal to a grant funding organization or an organization where the evaluation of programs is part of your job description.Address the problem that was identified including the evidence that supports this problem.Must be eight to ten double-spaced

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