Gender Equality and Cultural Diversity

Imagine you are an emergency manager (EM) for a hospital within a city. Write a two-page philosophical statement that describes how you, as an EM leader, will ensure the avoidance of unwanted practices related to both gender and cultural bias. This philosophical statement should contain the thoughts and principles that drive how you approach daily decisions as a leader in the field of emergency management. Include at least the following criteria within your philosophical statement: How would you describe your philosophy toward gender equality? How would you describe your philosophy toward cultural diversity? What types of actions would you implement to prevent unwanted practices? What types of actions would you implement to promote wanted practices? Why is your philosophical statement important to you as a leader in emergency management? Remember that you are writing this philosophical statement as a leader, from a leader’s perspective. Be sure that the statement remains relevant and demonstrates critical thinking for the topics. Other than the requirements within these instructions, you can go in any direction with your philosophical statement, as it is your philosophy. To clarify, you are not writing a policy but, rather, you are writing a narrative that describes your own thought process about these topics and how each one fits into your leadership style.Your statement must be a minimum of two pages in length.

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