EHR Demo

InstructionsPerform a web search to find and review EHRs.Select three (3) preferred EHRs.Compare each of the selected EHRs, using the attached assessment form.Fill in the right-hand column with your observations/assessment on why your EHR meets/does not meet each standard. Based on the depth of the information provided, you may have to use the knowledge you’ve gained thus far to make assumptions about the EHR functions. (Tip – Add three columns to the far right of the assessment form, one for each selected vendor)Write a 1-page summary to accompany your assessment form. The summary should include a comparison of the key functions and factors for the EHR.Your assessment form should be in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel format. Your summary should be in Microsoft Word format.Cite all sources in APA format.Submit your assessment form and summary for grading.Reminder: You must upload your completed documents using Browse My Computer. Then, hit the Submit button to successfully complete the assignment submission process. Do not copy and paste text into the text box.

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