Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following questions:·        How is the landscape of health care changing today? As a manager, how can you address change?·        Identify health care cost for consumers.·        Read information in Marketing Challenges Facing Consumer Resources in Week 1. What is meant by B2B and B2C? What is the similarity and difference of each?Read and respond to at least two of your classmates’ discussion posts. Be substantive, constructive, and professional with your thoughts, feedback, and/or suggestions. Minimum of 50 words max of 100.Remember copyright guidelines. Cite your sources, if applicable.Classmates responses to respond to:Response1: There are changes everyday in the health care system. There are 3 Ways the health care landscape is changing thanks to technology and that because technology changes everyday or there are updates almost everyday. The three ways are: Telemedicine, Digital Medical Records, and Wearable Technology and Sensors. Since COVID-19 has started this year back in March 2020 the world has changed a lot. Many medical offices they started using Telemedicine to chat with patients to see how they are doing during the pandemic. There are many medical offices are now switching over to DMR because it is more easier for the medical staff to be able to get to a patient records and also be able to send over patients records to other doctors they have to see instead of faxing the paper work over. COVID-19 has placed a lot of people in a bad space as far as their health but most of all most people are scared to go out because of this virus so that means they are lack of  exercise. That’s were Wearable Technology and Sensors comes in because it tracks different things so because most people are unable to get to the doctors to see them this device they can sure so the doctor and their self can keep track.https://thebenefitsguide.com/3-ways-health-care-landscape-changing-thanks-technology/Response2: The landscape of health care is changing today in more ways than one. We have been battling Covid-19 since the beginning of the year and has changed the way Americans carry themselves on a daily basis. Proper use of PPE has become important and washing of the hands has become pivotal as we attempt to stop the spread of this deadly virus. As a manager, I plan on promoting hand washing, usage of masks and motivate my employees and those around me to help those in need and provide quality care to those who may be sick, ill and or injured as a result of this virus.It is no secret health care costs keeps on rising, and it is putting a hole in Americans pockets. It seems as if insurances are charging more and covering less, meaning more responsibility is being passed on to the consumer. Americans are not choosing the right coverage for themselves, but rather choosing the coverage that they can afford, as it is many live pay check to pay check, a monthly insurance bill can really put a dent in their pockets.As we know B2B is when a business is selling and marketing their products to another business, as in B2C it is different because it sells and markets its goods to individual customers.Building relationships and networking in B2B and B2C is crucial, regardless of their differences both models want to be effective and efficient, and be profitable nonetheless.Gotter, A. ( July 9th, 2018 ) B2B and B2C Marketing: What’s the difference ?https://www.disruptiveadvertising.com/marketing/b2b-and-b2c/RESPOND TO BOTH CLASSMATES AND COMPLETE YOUR OWN DISCUSSION AS WELL.

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