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There are two posts. reply each post with 250 words (reply as fellow student how do you feel about their post)post 1Comparing UT Southwestern with Cook Children’s Medical Center are two different population of patients, but I am either interested in working in the NICU/women services or with children. I have always wanted to have clinical or work at UT Southwestern because of the learning culture and how involved they are with the community. When comparing to Cook Children’s they offer the same community outreach and getting to experience their work environment is lovely. They are truly a family on each unit I have been on and enjoy their work. UT Southwestern offers a level 3 NICU while Cook Children’s is a level 4 simply meaning they see a higher acuity of patients. Both hospitals are alike in multiple ways and I will be applying to both of them next semester.I considered the culture of the work environment, community outreach, the level of care and the length of their nursing residencies. I would consider working at UT Southwestern because they focus on researching better ways to improve patient outcomes and nursing is an ever-changing career so to be on the frontlines contributing to certain changes excites me. I would also consider Cook Children’s due to their work environment and the population they serve. It is important to find a work culture that is positive and from my experience on the floor they stay positive and are exceptional nurses in the care and attention to detail they provide for their patients.post 2Methodist Dallas Medical Center is a hospital organization that I am interested in. I just recently finished my clinical rotations at this hospital and everything about it has just caught my attention. It is an organization that works to provide the upmost quality of care with a team of healthcare professionals who are most welcoming, flexible, and hardworking. As nurses, it can be easy to become burn out but during my clinical rotations, the environment that I was involved in and apart of, would make it hard to become burnt-out so easily. Methodist Dallas Medical Center is different in several ways from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Just like the name suggests, St. Jude is centered and focused on the care of children with continuing research and support from foundations and donations. On the other hand, Methodist Dallas provides a wide variety of care. On the the opposite, children who come seek for care at Methodist would not be able to receive care without having to worry about financial issues because there are not funds/ supportive donations. With this, there are pros and cons for both hospitals. I think that one of the most appealing factor that caught my attention to Methodist Dallas Medical Center was the environment that the nurses and other healthcare professionals were apart of. There are also several benefits, such as having no contract, when signing to be apart of their team.

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