PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION… Please find a recent news story on the Employee Free Choice Act. How might this affect union membership? Is this good or bad for workers and employers? Why?AN EXAMPLE…A recent story that I found was in Staten Island, New York involving Amazon workers. Warehouse workers cast 2,654 votes in favor of the union which then gave the Amazon worker union a victory. I believe that this does affect union membership. If anything, this would make union memberships increase. This makes it easier for someone to join a union membership if they wanted to. I believe that this is good and bad for both workers and employers. Union memberships affect both employers and employees, whether good or bad. Employee’s rights will be protected and do not have to endure secret balloting. This can be bad for employers because they could feel as if the union has taken charge and they have no control. This can cause major problems and lead to financial loss and potential lawsuits.

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