Assuming the role of Haniz, write an email (of no more than 700 words) to your senior project manager (not to Jaclyn) who also oversees Jaclyn’s internship.

Email continues to be the most common type of written communication in most businesses. You can

follow a variety of principles to use it effectively: (1) use it for the right purposes, (2) ensure ease of

reading, (3) show respect for others’ time, (4) protect the privacy and confidentiality of others, (5) respond

promptly, (6) maintain professionalism and appropriate formality, (7) manage emotion effectively, and (8)

avoid distractions.

Typically, as you write an email message, you should do the following: (1) provide a short, descriptive

subject line, (2) use greetings and closings effectively, (3) keep your message brief yet complete, (4)

clearly identify expected actions, (5) provide a descriptive and professional signature block, and (6) use

attachments wisely.

Routine messages should be direct and front-loaded. The primary message should have 10 words or

fewer, and you should typically place it in the subject line of your email to immediately capture attention.

Furthermore, the primary message should appear in the first or second sentence of the message and

again in the closing if your message is several paragraphs long. Best to use headings if several main

topics. (readability).

In the body of the routine message, you should provide short paragraphs with related details. To make

sure your message receiver will comply, include all needed information. As you draft the message, aim for

a helpful, professional, and reader-centered tone. Focus on making the message easy to read. Readers

expect to understand your primary message in less than 10 to 15 seconds, so use short sentences and

paragraphs. Paragraphs should generally be between 20 and 80 words. Design your message so that

readers can find information in just moments. Use headings, bullets, numbering, special formatting, and

external links to relevant information to highlight key ideas.

Read the case below and complete the instructions that follow.


Haniz Zogby is a marketing specialist at Ingram Publishing, and Jaclyn Peha is a technology intern. Haniz

and Jaclyn recently met about making changes to the website. Haniz thought the conversation went well

and they reached some agreements about how to proceed. Jaclyn, on the other hand, thought she was

not given a fair chance to express some of her ideas and feels that Haniz dominated the conversation

and did not allow her to express her ideas. She thinks the plan to develop the website is incomplete

because it does not involve the integration of social media. Jaclyn is just an intern and Haniz technically is

not her boss, but he is the lead person on the project. She wrote a late-night angry email to Haniz with

her complaints. Now Haniz wants to resolve an uncomfortable situation with Jaclyn and make progress

on improving the website.

Note: Scenario reprinted with permission from McGraw-Hill.

Signature Assignment: Case: Handling an Angry Email


Assuming the role of Haniz, write an email (of no more than 700 words) to your senior project manager

(not to Jaclyn) who also oversees Jaclyn’s internship. Address the following in your email:

 Explain the situation in the message of the email and the type of incivility (passive or active) you

observed from Jaclyn.

 Compare and contrast spoken versus written communication and assess the most effective

communication methods to handle an emotionally charged email. (must use outside reference


 Recommendation –  how you and Jaclyn could build and maintain a working relationship by using

reinterpretation in response to the angry email.

 Write a Conclusion paragraph addressing the effectiveness of the communication processes

used to achieve organizational goals and suggest a plan to defuse the situation and resolve any

differences to remove the tension and move forward.

Format your business email with a descriptive subject line, greeting, message (with headings for each

main topic) , conclusion, pleasant closing, and a complete professional signature block. Use correct

grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Use the bold words above in your headings (readability).

This is not just a student opinion paper – must use a credible, published source on business

communication – akso cite/refernce(s).

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